Introducing a bar in a kitchen is undoubtedly an excellent idea for creating extra work space, dining space and for extra convenience.

It is not only the decorative aspect of kitchen bars that makes them so popular, but the utility factor also plays a significant role. Using the bar area for storing miscellaneous items, the space will also allow you to set a buffet while holding a party for friends and family.

Designing an L shape bar is one of the easiest ways to create bar space in a small kitchen without disturbing the functionality of the kitchen. The L shape bar provides work station on one side, and the other side can be used as an overhang of dining and stools or chairs.

On the other hand, the longest side of the L– shape bar can be used as a bar space with bar stools being kept on the other side.

A small dining bar for two to three persons can also be created by extending one of the counter tops along one side. Having enhanced work space when the dining bar is not being used, you will also have the exceptional benefit of using the space to serve breakfast or snacks to the kids.