One of the earliest reds to bloom, the Fanal Astilbe Hybrid features deep red blooms on upright spires. Fanal boasts the darkest red flowers of any of the Astilbes.

The foliage is mahogany red in the spring, turning green by summer.

Arendsii hybrids are clump-forming perennials which feature graceful, fern-like mounds of mostly basal, 2-3 ternately compound leaves, usually with sharply-toothed leaflets, and tiny flowers densely packed into erect to arching, plume-like flower panicles rising above the foliage on slender stems.

They can vary as to plant size, leaf color/shape and bloom period because of the varied parentage of the various plants now classified under this hybrid grouping.

Tip: Potted dormant perennials can be kept in a well-lit cool/cold area (i.e. garage, shed, even in a protected area outdoors) until ready for spring planting.

Do not allow them to completely dry out.