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Small kitchen with bar design ideas

Introducing a bar in a kitchen is undoubtedly an excellent idea for creating extra work space, dining space and for extra convenience. It is not only the decorative aspect of kitchen bars that makes them so popular, but the utility… Continue Reading →

Bedroom Storage Solutions

Dream closets come in all sizes and shapes. Whether you have a reach-in or a spacious walk-in closet, an efficient organizing system paired with a smart design will help you make the most of your space and wardrobe. Plus, an… Continue Reading →

A Breakfast Bar

A breakfast bar is a great way to add a dining area to your kitchen without needing space for a table. Since the kitchen is usually the social hub of any home, there’s a lovely informality to pulling up a… Continue Reading →

Ideas for a Modern Kids’ Room

When selecting furniture, opt for furniture with clean lines and that’s non-themed (steer clear of the race car or sleeping beauty beds) and pair with neutral colored essentials such as lamps and window treatments. A shared sibling bedroom is a… Continue Reading →

African Safari Themed Room

There is a way to have your cake and eat it, too, when it comes to redecorating your home– all it takes is a little adventurousness and a taste for all things African. Whether you’re looking to add some personality… Continue Reading →

Trendy White and Wood Combo in the Living Room

The multiple wood tones in the cabinetry, coffee table top and flooring also give the room more dimension. The tones are consistent, so they blend well without having to be exactly the same. The built-in bookcase is a great place… Continue Reading →

Modern Living Room

If you had to pick a new wall unit for your living room, how would it look like? It’s definitely easier to think of some characteristics that you want for your new unit when you’re replacing an already existing one…. Continue Reading →

Rustic wood for Living Room

You can start decorate your house with various interesting combinations of different interior styles. Combining two so different styles is very risky and you have to be very careful because the result might not be the one you were hopping… Continue Reading →

Color Schemes for Kids’ Rooms

For nurseries, focus more on the feeling you want to have in the room since you’ll be spending hours upon hours in the space. Designer Sherri Blum of Jack and Jill Interiors says the room should reflect your taste since… Continue Reading →

African Themed Living Rooms

Adding patterns to a room can bring out extra style and it is easy to find African themed prints and materials to help decorate your home. Bright colors and deep greens can represent the forested areas of Africa and look… Continue Reading →

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