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How to Match Your Fence Design With Your Home

And still other times, there is a happy marriage between form and function. Regarding the matter of form, it is natural enough to ask whether the homeowner and passersby alike will find a fence visually appealing. As with any hardscape,… Continue Reading →

Painted Stone Fireplace Makeover

Of course, even after I decided to paint it, more questions popped up. What kind of paint? And, the worst, I had to decide what color. You all know I love a “better than it was” project! And I think… Continue Reading →

How To Make The Most Of Your Small Kitchen

Each component in a compact kitchen must be perfectly planned, from the layout to the appliances, and all must work cohesively to overcome the limitations of cooking in a confined space. Follow these tips– some of which are illustrated in… Continue Reading →

How to make your closet bigger

Storage space is never enough and this is especially true when it comes to closets. The idea was to create a design that will keep everything neat and organized so that you won’t need to take everything out to find… Continue Reading →

Romantic Valentine’s Day at Home

You might also want to throw in a foot rub for extra brownie points. (Many people have creams and exfoliating rubs at home already; you don’t have to spend extra money on this step.) Afterwards, the two of you can… Continue Reading →

Use wall clocks to enhance home decoration

If selected with care they can add more meaning and character to the decor of your house, Wall clocks may sound boring as decorative pieces but. There are people who are passionate about this and take real pains to search… Continue Reading →

Enclose a Balcony With Glass

Extend your living area and make the most of small spaces: Turn your balcony into a sunroom or an attractive reading nook by enclosing it with glass. The solar properties of glass will keep the room warm in winter, and… Continue Reading →

How To Clean Interior Brick Wall

Apply a thin layer of the soap-and-salt mix to the bricks using a cloth and allow the mix to sit on the bricks for 10-15 minutes. With a hard-bristled scrub brush, gently scrub the brick to remove the stubborn dirt…. Continue Reading →

Making a Window More Private

When you don’t want to lose the daylight coming through your window, there are ways to retain your privacy. I have a west facing window I don’t have to worry about blocking till July! In order to have some privacy,… Continue Reading →

Make a Small Bathroom to Look Bigger

These decorating techniques work in any small room, but especially in a bathroom. They’ll help to provide the illusion of expanding your small space without adding a single square foot. Or hang a framed picture that looks like a window,… Continue Reading →

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