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Lilies – Winter Flower

Many an uneducated flower fan believes that flowers don’t survive harsh winters; this is a simple misconception. There are plenty of gorgeous varieties of “winter flowers” or flowers that can thrive and grow throughout winter’s excessive precipitation and freezing temperatures…. Continue Reading →

Fanal Astilbe Hybrid

One of the earliest reds to bloom, the Fanal Astilbe Hybrid features deep red blooms on upright spires. Fanal boasts the darkest red flowers of any of the Astilbes. The foliage is mahogany red in the spring, turning green by… Continue Reading →

How to Match Your Fence Design With Your Home

And still other times, there is a happy marriage between form and function. Regarding the matter of form, it is natural enough to ask whether the homeowner and passersby alike will find a fence visually appealing. As with any hardscape,… Continue Reading →

How to Design Vertical Gardens for Tiny Spaces

If you happen to be lacking in yard space, there’s no need to feel left out! There are some brilliant ways to take full advantage of small spaces, and the key is to plant vertically. As with any type of… Continue Reading →

Table Decorations With Tulips

Table decorations is a great theme in interior design with tulips. Because that happens now in the design world. What can you do really yet to sacrifice not the individuality in the design. Table decorations is a great theme in… Continue Reading →

Planting Between Pavers

Using plants between pavers softens the look of your pathway or patio and keeps weeds from filling in bare spaces. Wondering what to plant? This article can help. Choose short plants that won’t obstruct your path, and plants that are… Continue Reading →

Essential Spring Gardening Tips

The sun is shining, birds are singing and it’s time for your garden to come back from the winter weather. Your garden needs some help getting back in shape, though, so it’s time to get the supplies from the home… Continue Reading →

Make a Succulent Dish Garden

To pick up subtle colors in their leaves, grow your succulents in a ceramic pot with a complementary glaze. You can plant them in large containers, too, and some succulents, like jade plants, will grow as big as the container… Continue Reading →

Companion Planting

West Coast Seeds offers its guidelines to companion planting to you as suggestions keeping in mind. Each garden is unique and all of the factors should go into consideration while planning your garden, including but not limited too sun exposure,… Continue Reading →

South African Garden Plants for a Beautiful Garden

The plants are happiest out of the sun– in shady areas, under trees, in containers or on a shady veranda. It’s also available in other colours, like pale yellow and deep reddish orange. These white, iris-like flowers are beautiful to… Continue Reading →

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